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Communication Arts FRESH

In case you've been living under a rock there is this magazine called Communication Arts and it's badass. They showcase the best of the best illustrators, photographers & copywriters. So they have this section on their website called FRESH which showcases new artists, up-n-coming artists (commercial), etc.... And low and behold they are featuring yours truly! I know, I know, what's wrong with these people? I said the same thing. Anyway, before they change their mind and take me down I'm going to promote the shit out of it.

I really do not expect acknowledgments like this therefore this is a big deal for me. Not just anybody gets chosen for this and I can immediately think of people who are more deserving than me. Thanks so much to CA for putting me up on this pedestal, I'm truly honored.



Hola! I've been slacking on the blog lately, my bad. So today I'm finally posting my personal shoot I did with Caliper Studio's fabrication shop. I had a loose idea of what I wanted to do, which was basically still lives of machinery and environmental portraits. I specifically wanted to shoot the machinery on black and I instantly loved the results. The old machinery has such personality and the design is just beautiful, especially the lathe. The guys (and gal) were troopers for putting up with me and I owe them a big one. We (Caliper and I) are talking of printing some of these out large format and having a little shindig in our hood (Caliper is based in Williamsburg, BK and I live just a few blocks away) and if that goes down I'll be sure to put the word out. To see more from this series please visit my website. They are all in the recent work section as of right now but will eventually end up in their own gallery under projects.



This past sunday I shot the first portion of a two part personal project at Caliper Studio's metal shop. Pretty stoked with the some of the images I was able to produce so I thought I share just a taste. More to come.....
Drill Press. @ Caliper Studio


ETSY Headquarters / HOW Magazine

HOW Magazine just ran a story on Etsy and they used a few images that I shot of the Brooklyn-based company's headquarters. HOW is a great graphic design magazine. Check it out next time you're at the newsstand.  The images were originally produced for Matiz Architecture and Design.

HOW Magazine

HOW Magazine

APA National Photo Contest

I'm happy to announce that I was awarded the merit prize (3rd place) in the APA (American Photographic Artists) National Photo Contest for architectural photography. The winners can be viewed here. Congratulations to all the winners especially Tim Griffith, the 1st & 2nd place winner in the architectural category.



Don't have any pictures to post this time around. Just wanted to give you an update as to what I've been up to lately. Shot another NYU office space for MAD Architecture & Design.  Went down to Philly for Rafael Vinoly to shoot their recently finished Transplant House for UPenn. Had the pleasure to work with Murphy, Burnham and Buttrick and we photographed the newly renovated rectory at St. Patricks Cathedral. Then to finish up that run I was asked by Dwell Magazine to shoot an AMAZING house out in Montauk for their Dec/Jan issue. Can't wait for that one to come out! It's the only magazine I have a subscription for and it was my first shoot for them. 

I hope all is well with you and I'll be posting again soon. Stay tuned. 


Greenport, NY

This past weekend Felicia and I went to visit out friends, the super cool Jennifer Benton and David Nyce, out in Greenport, NY.  Dave is an artist and furniture maker ((( www.davidnycefurniture.com ))) so make sure to check him out.  If you don't know, Greenport is at the end of the North Fork of Long Island.  We love going out to visit Jen and Dave.  We eat and drink very, very well and the company is always a blast.  It was actually a very tame visit this time around but still.... I took a few pictures and here is a small selection. 

Benton/Nyce House