Shoot with Glenn MItchell-Thwing from Shear Genius 2

As some of you know I am from Decatur, Alabama and it seems that we have quite the buzz happening in the small town. Recently a Decatur native was a contestant on the Bravo network, the show Shear Genius. This talented hair dresser/entrepreneur unfortunately didn't win but she does have big plans for the future. She is coincidentally married to a childhood friend of mine and it turns out she knew of me (being a photographer) and of course I knew of her but we had never met. Glenn was in town the other day filming the finale show for Shear Genius and asked me to shoot her headshot so here are those images. You can check out Glenn's website here and her spa's website here. Be looking out for her, she is well on her way to putting Decatur on the map.

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shannon said...

Beautiful pictures Ty! I don't think Glenn will be the only one who puts Decatur on the map!